Native American Missions on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

2017 Mission Trip Recap Video:

2015 Mission Trip Recap Video:

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, founded in 1889, was the site of the relocation of the Lakota Oglala Sioux people following the conflict between the United States army and the Indian nations from 1860-1890. (If you’d like to know more of the history of the Sioux and other Indian tribes in the West, I highly recommend Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Kneewhich gives an excellent look into what it was like to be an American Indian during the Plains Wars.) The Reservation spans 3,468.85 square miles (over 2,000,000 acres) in Southwest South Dakota, and around 20,000 members of the Sioux tribe reside there.

Ken and Sherry moved to the reservation in May of 2012 after holding tent revivals, which were successful. They founded the Pine Ridge Baptist Church soon thereafter, and they just celebrated their three year anniversary.

As you can see from the film, Ken and Sherry’s days are long and difficult. They have little help, except from church groups who offer a week of their time, which leaves much work to be done every day. There are many needs, so Ken and Sherry can use all of the support anyone is willing to provide. If you are interested in giving to Ken and Sherry, here are the best ways to do so:

1. Send a check via USPS Priority Mail (with tracking because the post office in Batesland, SD where they receive their mail is located in a mobile home so it’s nice to know that the check actually arrives) to Ken and Sherry’s address: P.O. Box 20 Batesland, SD 57716-0020. You may make the checks payable to Ken, Sherry, or the Pine Ridge Baptist Church.

2. Food donations: Shipping food to Ken and Sherry can be costly, however order will ship directly to the church, so if you would like to send food, using is the best way to do so. orders also ship directly to the church. The food needs change on a daily basis, but as one can imagine, the food pantry can always use large cans of vegetables and any other non-perishables. If you would like to send food this way, ship to 19347 US Highway 18 Batesland, SD 57716.

3. Pray for the ministry of PRBC. Ken and Sherry operate on faith much of the time, and they can always use your prayers.

4. Contact Ken and Sherry to meet specific needs. If you would like to make a specific contribution or find out the more specific needs of the people on the reservation, you may contact Ken and Sherry. Their online contact info is available by contacting the Moon’s Chapel church office, or by visiting Ken’s Facebook page.